Where the quality, albeit perhaps not the true quality, are rarely given up by the sea it is not the important in the Looms that are the first to find this out where typically it is the cortigiano. Ever looking for another piece in the game, ever waiting for a better patron, ever clever, ever watchful, the white serpiente is a lure that is sometimes used to test, or just plain to see, the mettle and the nature of the newcomer. The cortigiano do genuinely have such a beast, trained or calmed by some manner of their own, and fetched long ago from the verde. Let lose in Port Mercy if the new quality has the wit to catch it, and return it, then that is a quality worth supporting. If the naif tries to kill it, then that is a naif likely not to see morning. If the naif ignores it, so too will then the cortigiano ever after.

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