The chief bookkeeper to Gullgrope, Sibert is the woman with whom most deal when it comes to the business of the promissory. Small, sparse, and austere Sibert is one of the few Troges to live and work outside the Peritus of her people. Nonetheless, or perhaps because of this, Sibert is every upright inch the very proper Troges, save that to mark herself apart from her people she wears a civilised wig and because of her employer that always of black.

Sibert was cast out by her family, and (hard to believe now) because of her gadabout ways when she brought shame to her line. Caught up by the game birds she defeated most of those who sought to beat her, intriguing and befriending Gullgrope and to whose rise she tied herself. Certainly now, and Sibert is the only person who might regularly argue with Gullgrope, which is often and loudly, though their peculiar relationship is one bound by deep loyalty.

In these times where Gullgrope has a finer reputation it is Sibert that is the one that rules the black wigs and who sends them about Gullgrope’s business. In the promissory house Sibert despises the other bookkeepers, thrashing them for mathematical error and treating them abominably. Most remain however, since having been a bookkeeper under Sibert is better than any reference to work elsewhere, and the healed welts across hand and shoulders are marks of a bookkeeper that does not make mistakes! Similarly however, such marks are a matter of some humour amongst those of lewder manner, for Sibert is quite determinedly of the belief that sexuality is the bane of hard work, a proponent of what the Troges despise as the love of Venus. Bookkeepers under her charge and apprenticeship are made to see to their passions, as Sibert often declares ‘of their own privacy, else under the rod divest themselves of such passions in shame to all’.

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