Queen Astrid Beans is a short but slim built lady. Her clothes a swaddling confusion of up-to-the-minute couture with demode cast-offs, some pieces oversized but others far too tight, so that to view her is easier in part than as a whole. Our brave observer, were he to venture beneath her skirts, might notice that she wears mens boots - rarely a pair, and never two stockings that match.

Queenie's hair is a sight that might reasonably draw your attention from all of this, however. Fashionable men and women wear elaborate wigs. Queenie has observed and appropriated this style herself, but her 'boat pouf' is a tangled and matted pompadour of her own growing hair, plumped put with rags and snarls. She reasons that "only a 'dirty girl' shaves 'er hair off and wears false', and where elegant women wear ornaments, fur and feathers in their coiffures, Queenie's tangle is inhabited by a small rodent she calls "Marykin".

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