And so to Mufi. Of low caste, urchin, drummer-boy, guide, fixer and occasional Corporal, a life spent amongst regiments of every sort, on every side. A life spent being useful, taking errands, shining boots, assuring service to those that paid his way, crossing India and the Easts in tow or entourage to provide whatever service needed for every job. Not a man without resource in such services he excelled, to provide comfort for both his and himself, finding friends and comrades across the continents.

After years in and out of service, with regiments and without from his youngest years, Mufi’s irregular service came to an end as his aged mother passed, and a retirement loomed. Choosing not the comforts of the retiring retainer, but the chance of another start Mufi signed up for the Pensioner-Guards and the The Thelassa, new services beckoning.

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