Midshipmen / Mister Charles Bullen is a young man, well-built but agile and still showing clear signs of his youth. Reasonably fair skin, clean shaven and dark brown hair and 5 foot 8 inches tall he was far from the boy that had joined the Navy over four years past and a long way off the boy that played in the dockyard when he was not at school or being tutored at home. A calm and thoughtful demeanour who has often launched in to action when there was a need. A strict follower of the rules but kind and considerate for those under his command, to some people’s views he needs to see a little more of life to harden his ways. Due to his fair treatment of the men under his command and the fact he has always mucked in with the jobs that need to be done even if stripped down to the waist and up to his elbows in detritus of the bilges he is generally well thought of by the crews he has been part of. He enjoys the life away from it all, nothing better than being up in the rigging or repairing sails, making a life for oneself overcome the problems of the world with his naval family.

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