A strikingly handsome lad of maybe 14 summers, Jedediah Euston is short and slim being maybe just over 5 foot in height, with perfect complexion, straight white teeth and striking blue eyes which seem to always be alive, darting everywhere. One could be forgiven for believing that those blue eyes may well see everything that is before him to be seen. His frame carries a degree of strength and resilience that might not be expected in one so young, having an obvious defined muscle structure which speaks to a tough life of hard work. It is known that he hails from a travelling showground, and that he is being transported for cutting purses, and yet he seemingly hasn’t learnt any lessons about paying consideration to authority. He is charming enough, easy to get on with and is always keen on playing a game of chance or cards. Fleet of foot and exceptionally fast when needed, the keen observer may well note that young Jed always seems to be positioned to best move to an escape route or place of hiding, should the need arise. Seemingly he is well disposed toward women, mothers in particular he is quick to defend in conversation where they may be slighted or disparaged.

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