6’4” and as black as night, a shaved head, huge hands and a whip scarred back , quiet, private and brooding but with on rare occasions (and Jackson’s life doesn’t present many opportunities) a warm beaming smile. Bare footed and always found in simple peasant shirt and trousers (unless in the ring then shirtless). Slow, considered speaking with an accent influenced by both African languages and French (but only speaking English). Slow to make friends but fiercely loyal. Slow to anger but a fearsome force of nature when pushed over the edge. Resilient to taunting and provocation brought about by years of slavery and racism – the words still hurt but there is no external reaction. Lessons learnt by a younger man whose angry reactions led to the whip. Kind hearted and gentle. A real work horse – a labouring machine with an incredible work ethic – nothing is as hard as working 18 hour days in a fly infested plantation.

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