Let the Empress rule from her throne, so distant from my home hills in The Himalayas and I don't regret the actions of leaving them to serve her throughout The Nation which is slowly forming under her guidance, I am feeling I have done much good, in serving her through The Company in my near 30 years of being a part in dealings with the ungrateful masses and helped bring the peoples of the hills into the armies that are being dealing with grasping scum of the Rivers and Plains below them.

I carry many scars and regret none of them, some even seek to mock my worst injury, this is good in my eyes as it has allowed me to concentrate at being the best at what I can do and that is being very good at helping The Raj work with the best soldiers in this World, I am The Havinder Tiger and I am being laughing loud and long about the things,past, that have defined me, laugh along side me, never at me, or maybe one day you will be feeling the claws of the Tiger !

Gurkha I am being and the Blood that is being flowing through me is as cold as the rivers of Everest, when the sound of the horns and drums of war are soundings, you will be hearing my roaring, In times of it being a day that is being gentle you will be finding me helping the mutilated, for life is being balanced and I am being understanding their suffering, I also know that as your priests say, the flesh is weak and that is why I live a simple life without the drinkings and pipe of empty dreams.

I am The Tiger of the Hills and Mountains, I am Gurkha!

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