Charles Selwyn Beechworth, fifth son of noted Lancashire mill owner and industrialist George Edward Beechworth and Suzette Beechworth. As a son with no great prospects Mr Beechworth was, in his younger days, well known to over frequent the gaming tables in a range of establishments some of dubious quality. But managed to avoid bringing anymore shame on the family name than to be known for having a fondness for cards.

Unmarried Mr Beechworth now lives in London where for the last few years he has managed to keep himself out of trouble by administering the family holdings in the East End of the city, a task at which rumour would say he has proven adequate enough to silence his father’s criticism of his lifestyle. With his younger more reckless days are behind him he is not well known as a sociable man but is still known to frequent certain gentleman’s clubs where games of chance are popular.

He is known to be travelling, alone, to Cape Town on business, presumably for his aged father but no details are known beyond that.

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