Afton Murphey is called Soup Bowl by a lot of the other crew who all know him well – he’s a portly fellow, always turned out in clean chefs coats whose easy going nature makes him a common feature about the Thelassa. Afton’s in his 30s, has travelled the world onboard ship and has the tattoos to prove it. That time of service has resulted in him gathering a wealth of spices from the far reaches of the world and you can always turn to him for a good meal, even if the Chief Chef’s main meal is ‘a little watery’. He’s reliable and has a reputation for honesty amongst the crew he’s some you can rely on. Stubble, round-bellied and stocky with it his red hair is kept short at all times. From time to time he shows his tattoo of a map of the world that spans his belly, the places he’s visited marked off with a cross!

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